About Black or White Board for iPad/iPhone

This site "Black or White Board for iPad/iPhone" is the white board/blackboard application that You can use from Safari(iPad/iPhoone). You can easily use it just to access it from a browser, and the troublesome installation operation is not necessary at all.

iPad version iPhone version

You become the white board when You choose "White" as a blackboard when You choose "Black" among the top page.

Black Board for iPad White Board for iPad

The use charges of "Black or White Board for iPad/iPhone" do not need the sign-in free. If it is a person having iPad/iPhone, I have you use anyone.

Full Screen

"Black or White Board for iPad/iPhone" supports full screen display. You access "Black" and the "White" page from iPad/iPhone, and please register favorite registration with a home screen. You become the full screen display without the browser menubar when You start from a home screen. Please use it to make use of simple screen constitution after registering a short cut with a home screen by all means.

1. Black Board for iPad 2. "+"button
3. Add Home 4. Home Screen
5. no menu bar 6. iPhone OK!

An operation method


You can picture a dot in a board when You tap it on a board. You can pull a line when I drag it. You write it on the roomy canvas and can draw it with the good writing brush of the feeling freely.

Tap Drag


You get out of the pinch in / pinch on a board, and please operate it. When You want to delete it, please choose "OK".

Clear? OK


You push "the home button + power button" and can take screenshot.

A use

Memo pad

You have you use it as a memo pad. Because it does not need paper, it is Eco.


You have drawing use it.

Presentation / brainstorming

You have the place of presentation and the brainstorming use it.

Conversation by writing

You can use it as a conversation by writing tool even if speechless.


You write a letter to the board and have a hitchhike use it.

An inquiry

You ask for the inquiry from "inquiry form".